Artículos científicos Open Access

COVID-19: Impact on linguistic and genetic isolates of India
Singh, P.P., Suravajhala, P., Basu Mallick, C. et al.
Genes & Immunity
Nature inequity and higher COVID-19 case rates in less-green neighbourhoods in the United States
Spotswood, E.N., Benjamin, M., Stoneburner, L. et al
Nature Sustainability
Rapid diagnosis of COVID-19 using FT-IR ATR spectroscopy and machine learning
Nogueira, M.S., Leal, L.B., Macarini, W. et al
Scientific Reports
Climate mitigation scenarios with persistent COVID-19-related energy demand changes
Kikstra, J.S., Vinca, A., Lovat, F. et al.
Scientific Reports
Positive effects of COVID-19 lockdown on river water quality: evidence from River Damodar, India
Chakraborty, B., Bera, B., Adhikary, P.P. et al.
Scientific Reports
Nationwide rollout reveals efficacy of epidemic control through digital contact tracing
Elmokashfi, A., Sundnes, J., Kvalbein, A. et al.
Nature Communications

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